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Higher National Diploma Post-Harvest/Food Technology (HND)

Structure of the Programme (Semester-by-semester schedule/structure of course, showing the credit value of each course). These are presented in the tables below.

First Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
AFS101 African Studies I 2.0
CLT101 Introduction to Information Communication Technology 3.0
COS101 Communication Skills for Applied Science 3.0
FTP111 Physical Chemistry 3.0
FTP121 General Biology 3.0
FTP131 Introductory Food Science 3.0
FTP141 Food Folklore and Nutrition 3.0
Totals 20.0


First Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
AFS102 African Studies 2.0
ETP121 Entreprenuership 3.0
FTP102 Purchasing, Costing and Control 3.0
FTP112 Organic Chemistry 3.0
FTP122 General Biochemistry 3.0
INA102 Industrial Attachment 2.0
STA101 Basic Statistics 3.0
Totals 19.0


Second Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
FTP213 Food Chemistry I 3.0
FTP223 Principles of Food Analysis 3.0
FTP233 Food Processing and Preservation 3.0
FTP243 Introduction to Food Microbiology 3.0
FTP253 Basic Food Safety 3.0
FTP263 Postharvest Technology 3.0
Totals 18.0


Second Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
FTP204 Practical Attachment/Stage 5.0
FTP214 Industrial Microbiology 4.0
FTP224 Food Chemistry II 3.0
FTP234 Food Process Engineering I 3.0
FTP244 Food Commodities 3.0
INA202 Industrial Attachment 2.0
STA204 Research Methodology 4.0
Totals 24.0


Third Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
FTP300 Project Work and Serminar 1.0
FTP305 Food Quality Assurance 3.0
FTP325 Sensory Evaluation of Foods 3.0
FTP335 Food Process Engineering 3.0
FTP345 Current Trends in Food Science and Technology 3.0
FTP375 Food Packaging 3.0
Totals 16.0


Third Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
FTP 300 Project Work & Seminar 3.0
FTP 326 Food Technology & Management Economics 3.0
FTP 336 Food Safety 3.0
FTP 346 Food Product Development 3.0
MKT 204 Marketing 3.0
Totals 15.0